Saturday, August 25, 2007

iSwap 2 code for just 2 or 3 screens

By request, I've written up alternate files that have less screens than 4.  I've got a d/l available for them here so if you're interested take a look.

EDIT:  This has now been rolled into the iSwap v.2 download so there's no reason to d/l this separately UNLESS you've already d/l iSwap v.2 without it... :)


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francisois said...

You mentioned in your initial iSwap release post that you had figured out how to run .sh files as apps. I've been messing around in your app dir and its driving me nuts - how are you calling on default.png and icon.png???? I see nothing relating to these files in your script...

In any case, I am attempting to create a mac GUI app that enables automatic synchronization from the ipod to a folder on the mac - over Wi-Fi. This requires a certain amount of scripts to be run (ssh-keygen etc) from within the ipod and I don't want users to have to enter terminal to run my shell script file as that is cumbersome. The problem is that some of these commands require certain inputs (empty passphrase, Mac password login etc). I'm wondering if you'd like to work on this utility with me and would be extremely grateful if you could provide some advice on how to proceed. If you use a mac I will send you the server-side app I've been working on so you can take a look.