Sunday, August 19, 2007

Star starstruck over... the iPhone!

Okay, so I went to a convention this weekend... Gen Con.  For those of you who don't know, Gen Con is the largest role-playing geekfest in the land.  They also have some sci-fi and fantasy TV and movie stars to meet, sign autographs, etc.  One of this years Media Guests of Honor was Mira Furlan.  Mira plays "Danielle Rousseau" on LOST and played Delenn on Babylon 5.  I was in line to see her and when I got up there I handed off my iPhone to get a picture taken with her.  Well, low and behold she goes into a trance...
"Is that the iPHONE!"  She asks, like it was some kind of alien technology.  "Yeah."
"Can I SEE it?"  She says as she looks up at me.
"Uhm...  sure."  I say.  This is kind of weird.  I'm in line to see her and she wants to see my iPhone.  I let her see it and she wants me to show her "What all it does..."
"Okay..."  I'm thinking, if she's interested in one of these things why doesn't she already have one.  I show it off to her and she's oooing and awwing over the the thing.  This is kind of freaking me out.  The she says...
"But aren't they, like $600?" with a little scowl.  I'm  thinking... you're a freakin' TV star you probably make that in a minute...  why do you care.  Of course, I don't SAY that...  I tell her:
"Yeah, but if you bought an iPod, and a smartphone it's not that much different.  And you can check email, blah, blah, blah..."  I show her the photo of the two of us and do the pinch and zoom.  She likes that but when I mention the email she perks up even more, "Oooo... email!  Yeah, I have to get one of these."  Just like a little kid.

She thanks me, autographs one of her pictures for me, and I walk on.  She didn't really even notice that I was wearing a hand-made Babylon 5 Psi Corps officers dress uniform...  (I did say I was a geek didn't I?).

*sigh*  Blinded by the glare of my iPhone.

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