Monday, August 20, 2007

iSwap version 2 pre-release

Okay all... the program is ready although I haven't gotten the 'package' all put together like I wanted. However, there are some brave souls out there who wanted me to post what I've got so here it is: iSwap v.2. Please leave me feedback on what you think.

Here are the improvements:

Scalable (can do any number of screens, set up initially for 4)
Safer (uses far less mv commands and deals with symbolic links instead)
Option to "Pick a Screen". Has app icons to allow you to jump between screens (optional) or will cycle through from 1 -4.

What I couldn't do this time:

Refresh SpringBoard without re-logging in. I think this may not be possible with the current

Speed it up. The change from one screen to another seems random in timing. Sometimes its very fast, other times it takes awhile. Not sure exactly what is causing the discrepancy but I'm looking into it.


Well, that's all for now. Please let me know here if you d/l it and what problems/issues you run into (or if you don't have any problems let me know that too! :)




Rodney said...

hey i wanna install v2 over v1 and i just wann use the 1 iswitcher icon no etc.. but how do i make a symbolic link and state1 file (and what should they look like) there isn`t an example of those. thanx again for the great program

KennX said...


Yeah, this has already been pointed out to me in my quick jotting down of notes I mistakenly put 'make' instead of 'it makes'.

So what I'm saying is that the part you're referring to is just a description of what the program does when you run it... not a list of things which you need to do.

Hope that helps!