Tuesday, July 10, 2007

iPhone week 2 and the future...

So far there have been 2 annoying things about the iPhone that I've found.  The first one is the VPN bug which I blogged about earlier.  The second, and in some ways more annoying, was the tendency of the iPod functionality to crash out while browsing web pages.  I found this especially on Digg.com for some reason.  It's a great feature to be able to browse and listen to your iPod on the same device... but it has to work reasonably reliably and for me it hasn't.  Hopefully, this will be one of the fixes that comes out in the first update.

So, what do people think will be included in the updates this year?  I say 'this year' because I could see them trickling out, coming all near the Leopard release, or being spaced more evenly.  Best, and most hopeful, guess would be a bug-fix/feature update somewhere between now and Leopard (to keep the hype sufficiently going) and then a big one at Leopard's release, perhaps followed by a smaller one around Christmas.

As far as feature updates, here's what I think is coming in no particular order:

Flash support
'Pinch and Zoom' for the camera
Video for the camera
The ability to make podcasts from your iPhone using the headphones
File browser using cover flow with some file rudimentary file editing
Custom ringtones (duh) we already know they're non-DRM'd mp4 files
Ability to purchase/download iTunes tracks and ringtones
Ability to see and stream from local iTunes shared libraries
SDK for 3rd Party widgets

Well those are my thoughts... anyone else care to look into the crystal ball and speculate on the future? 

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Joe Leo said...

I second your Safari/iPod crash bug along with your other ideas - particularly the pinch and zoom for the camera.

But, let's not forget the oldie but goodie "Copy & Paste". I really need to copy text from one e-mail into another today and I had to wait until I got home - a minor inconvenience, but there's no real reason for it. I mean, come on, Mac OS X has a pasteboard server, why not the iPhone's OS X?

Sending a single SMS to multiple people would be good too. Plus, multiple photo attachments in outgoing e-mail.